Sudden but inevitable

Welp, that’s done it.  It was only a matter of time – I’ve been threatening to start a blog for years, and now the alchemical circumstances of a long weekend, a drizzly day, and a truly unreasonably large bowl of fraises du bois* have given us this stately little creature.  (It was going to be called The Blog of Improbable Things, but that seemed like an overly complicated address, and the short form was already taken by someone posting Doctor Who podcasts.  So now it’s a subtitle!)

I can’t quite predict what will show up here, because I’m currently pushing myself back into writing after a prolonged desertion.  I read a lot of feminist and other equality-related blogs, and may reference those here as related to my own thoughts.  Technically speaking, I’m an economist, so possibly there will be occasional discussion of how to fix the world (naturally, I have several ideas, all of them simple and flawless).  I’m a great fan of music but sketchy as a player, so occasionally I may take time to gush about a song or group or even whole genre that I’ve just encountered.  In the tradition of other slacktivites (and of course our original Slacktivist), I could start up a deconstruction series about a particularly significant (or at least instructively bad) book or sequence.  (If I ever get the Left Behind computer strategy game to function properly on my computer, you may trust that brutal deconstruction will follow.)

Most of all, at least to start with, I’m likely to write about fiction and language.  For all that I’ve been rubbish at getting stories on the page for a few years now, they’ve started appearing in my head at an absolutely ridiculous rate, and they’re a lot more complicated than they used to be.  So issues come up and gets rolled around in my head and now I can just let it all down on the page here in posts with titles like What To Do When Incautiously Adjusting Cast Demographics Leads To The Heroes Using A Dead Gay Wizard’s Blood To Cure Plague.  Well, probably a shorter title than that.

As far as language goes, I am a word wonk.  (How much so?  I originally wrote ‘word geek’ and then thought: no, this is not precise enough, and it could have more alliteration; this will not do.)  When someone in a position of authority told me that the word that people mispronounced as ‘prerogative’ was actually ‘perogative’, I set to work.  I didn’t just look it up in the dictionary, of course; that would be reasonable.  I looked up the Latin etymology of the roots, prae-rogare, ‘to ask before’, which I learned involved committees that got to handle their voting first thing before anyone else so that sailors would still have time to leave with the tide.  (This is probably more than anyone particularly wants to know about me right off the bat.  WARNING: BLOG WILL INVOLVE EXCESS SHARING SOMETIMES.)

So here goes.  And if you’re new here, welcome.

*’Fraise du bois’ being French, translatable as ‘woods strawberry’.  I had them in France first, but Québec grows something similar.  Not quite as small as wild strawberries, but a similarly intense flavour.  So good.  (Mostly, this footnote is here to kick off the footnoting tradition, which can be expected to run from now until forever.)


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