Revealed flavour

Oh, poor neglected blog.  Don’t worry, I will come back in December with real posting of big thoughts.  Until then, more NaNo prattle!

Prattle 1: I’ve just coined the term ‘infosalting’.  We fantasy and sci-fi fans live in fear of the infodump, the endlessly dry avalanche of unnecessary worldbuilding facts shovelled onto the page by a careless author that crushes all joy and enthusiasm out of the story like a heap of wet carpets dropped on an origami Large Hadron Collider.  I have decided that its inverse is to ‘infosalt’, sprinkling just enough facts into the flow of the story to keep people aware of what’s going on and bring out the rich flavours of the world they are exploring.  I am inordinately proud of this term and if anyone else turns out to have come up with it first I will be deeply vexed.  Vexed.

(In a discussion of how to introduce someone’s magic system, I noted that, like them, I had six kinds of mages in my story, but only two get introduced in the first chapter, two in the second chapter, and way up around the 40K mark I’m finally going to have someone point out the remaining pair.  The thought of trying to slip descriptions of all six types into the first chapter fills me with anguish.)

Prattle 2: It has been said that autobiographies are counterproductive, because it is when we write fiction that we reveal our truest selves.  (I’m not sure who said this; I’m paraphrasing and I’ve never found the source after that first time.)  Well, I have finally noticed that in my fictional world the single most terrifying and devastating magical power is: the ability to understand other people.

This perhaps says more about me than I intended it to.


One comment on “Revealed flavour

  1. […] the book works nonetheless. Alternatively, work information into the plot as its needed (described here as infosalting) without overloading with too much info at one time. That being said, I do think […]

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