Apparently I’m supposed to have an About page.  That seems unnecessary; there’s little that I want anyone to know about me that they aren’t likely to pick up on pretty quickly by checking out the main page.  There’s a quote I can’t find now that would sum up what I’m talking about – paraphrasing, it says that there’s no point in a writer trying to write about themselves because it’s in their fiction that they reveal their true character.  Anyone who can find the proper line could earn my gratitude by letting me know.

I guess I could do demography?  I’m Canadian, white, male, in my latter-twenties, bisexual, monolingual, atheist, introverted, occasionally depressive… um… Taurus… born in the Year of the Wood Ox…

No, no, this isn’t working for me at all.

I need a condensed way of describing key facts about myself in a short period of time without boring anyone.

Okay, I’ve got it.

The following is my favourite song ever.  Its combined rhythmic energy, post-apocalyptic lyrical imagery, and overall theme of trying to get to the point of looking fondly back on lost love appeal to me on basically every level.

I don’t write songs and I have yet to master any instrument, but if I could create music, I would create that.  There.  Now you know what my wish fulfilment looks like.  We’re practically best friends!

3 comments on “About

  1. bekabot says:

    Hello Will Wildman:

    If you’re having a problem moderating the comment I wrote this afternoon, just ditch it, and let it trouble your mind no further. I seem to be digging myself in deeper as I try to set things right, which is a pretty good sign that perhaps the whole thing is non-prime-time-ready. I didn’t think I wrote anything super offensive, but then people are not always the best judges of the way they come across, in the sense that the cast in a person’s eye is always more visible to that person’s neighbor than to the person him-or-herself. I’ve been in this jam before, so don’t worry about it: if you suffer qualms, trust your gut.

  2. Will Wildman says:

    I don’t think I know what comment you’re referring to; on which post?

  3. bekabot says:

    I’m talking about the comment I posted to something short and snappy yesterday. I couldn’t come up with your e-mail address. (Feel free to delete this post and the one preceding it.)

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