Linear time is my constant nemesis

So I have not blogged much lately, partly due to being swamped with work, and what blogging I have done hasn’t shown up here, because a friend cajoled me into becoming a contributor on her blog, Something Short And Snappy.  So the Ender’s Game posts are going to be a thing now, and have indeed begun to become things, with the introductory one appearing here and the rest of the first chapter covered in this other post that’s just gone up today.  Many of the other things written on that blog are also good, although my attempts to improve her spelling have been of limited effectiveness at best.  (Her attempts to make me the kind of person who will unflinchingly make terrible jokes with near-strangers have been substantially more effective, so you can take my word for it that at least one of us is benefitting from this partnership.)

I’m hoping to do another NaNovel in April, but with the overwork I’ve not exactly been rolling in time to plot, and I’m realising that while NaNo is great for helping me get past writer’s block and make words go on pages, it hasn’t been too successful in getting me all the way to completing a proper book, so I may be forced to start looking for a new approach.

And now back to working on a Sunday afternoon.  Phththbbbt.

One comment on “Linear time is my constant nemesis

  1. KLA says:

    I am the best influence.

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